Journal of the North Atlantic & Arctic

A media platform of current affairs, information and opinion – created for regional and global stakeholders in the North Atlantic and Arctic region


JONAA Mission


To share information across North Atlantic Borders.

To bring this region of changing environment and geopolitical importance, closer to the rest of the world and provide details and insight to strengthen global understanding and knowledge.

To be a platform of transparency, accuracy and true for different North Atlantic stakeholders.

To provide insight into ways of living, structure of societies, culture, background, challenge, infrastructure, current affairs, investment opportunities future prospects.

To create a deeper understanding of what of important to North Atlantic people and why.

To provide a tool to strengthen regional and global cooperation towards a future of sustainable development for North Atlantic economy, environment, business, culture and communities.

This is the vision of the JONAA team - ad the foundation of JONAA, Jewels of the North Atlantic and Arctic.



Editorial Team


The Advisory Board

Dana Eidsness
Chairman. Director Maine North Atlantic Development Office (MENADO) at Maine International Trade Center

Inga Dora Markussen
General Secretary of West Nordic Council

Kuupik Kleist
Former Prime minister of Greenland

Hakun Jogvanson Djurhus
Head of EU-EFTA-NORDIC affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Faroe Islands

Patrick K. Egan
Former newspaper published and editor, Mitchigan, USA

Paul Andrew Mayewski
Explorer, Glaciologist, Climate Scientist, Director & Distinguished Professor, Climate Change Institute, University of Maine

Okalik Eegeesiak
Chairman of the ICC, Inuit Circumpolar Council

Alyn Smith
Scottish National Party Member of the European Parliament for Scotland

Graham Hogg
Director of Lateral North, Scotland

Helge M. Markusson
Outreach Coordinator
FRAM – High North Research Centre for Climate and the Environment, Tromsö

Tina Jensen
Head of the Business Development Office at the Ministry of Industry in Greenland

John Henshaw
Director of Maine Port Authorities

Adrian P. Kendall
Laywer and Honorary Consul of the Fed. Republic of Germany to Maine

Charles H. Norchi, J.S.D.

Benjamin Thompson Professor of Law
University of Maine School of Law

Nils Arne Johnsen
Ramboll Arctic Director, Tromsø