A media platform of current affairs, information and opinion – created for regional and global stakeholders in the North Atlantic and Arctic region


The JONAA Mission


To share information across North Atlantic and Arctic Borders.

To bring this region of changing environment and geopolitical importance, closer to the rest of the world and provide details and insight to strengthen global understanding and knowledge.

To be a platform of transparency, accuracy and trust for different North Atlantic and Arctic stakeholders.

To provide insight into ways of living, structure of societies, culture, background, challenge, infrastructure, current affairs, investment opportunities and future prospects.

To create a deeper understanding of what is important to people of the High North and why.

To provide a tool to strengthen regional and global cooperation towards a future of sustainable development for North Atlantic and Arctic economy, environment, business, culture and communities.

To encourage cross-border regional connections and cooperation in business, science, academia and culture in the face of Climate change, and portray how these platforms also need to interconnect.

This is the vision of the JONAA team - and the foundation for  JONAA, The Journal of the North Atlantic & Arctic.



The Editorial Team


The Advisory Board