The importance of the scientific research in the high north is beyond measurable. Climate changes affect every part of our region's biodiversity.

In times of warming oceans, acidifying seas, melting icecaps and extreme weathers, science is the platform providing evidence and predictions needed for decision making on all levels of our societies, political, social, industrial, environmental and economical. JONAA has partnered with institutions and organizations of science in the region to cover diverse issues of scientific research and how they connect to us all. 

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Science Features


Introducing Seaweed - The Solution

As the population of the planet grows exponentially and agricultural land becomes increasingly degraded through intensive industrial agriculture and the ravages of Climate change, pressure on the finite resources of the planet has never been greater.

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Science at the End of the Earth

Ny-Ålesund is the most northerly permanent civilian settlement in the world. Here, at 79°N, twenty nations are conducting research projects, and now Ny-Ålesund is full.

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